2 nights camel trek in Merzouga Sahara - Overnight Morocco camel trek

2 nights camel trek in Merzouga: On the off chance that you read the ancient history of humanity and particularly individuals living in the deserts, you will be entertained to realize that camels are the main method of transportation and this isn’t the best way to investigate the perfect Merzouga desert in traveling style you can bounce on to the exceptionally delicate, humble, and very much prepared camel has returned to wave tenderly over the tremendous sand rises.
Camels normally persevere through outrageous climate conditions hot atmosphere and high temperatures of deserts, solid breezes. Camels can travel significant distances without food or water which is their quality, These superb creatures are so darling and part of the Berber custom. Normally, camels are agreeable to people.

camel trek in Merzouga

Price on Request of 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga Sahara

Highlights of 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga Sahara - overnight camel trek Morocco - Camel trekking - Overnight camel trek - Marrakech sunset in Merzouga

  • Hotel Pick up & Drop off at your hotel in Hassi Labeid or Merzouga
  • Camel trek across the Dunes of Erg Chebbi
  • Sandboarding in the Dunes
  • Sunset & Sunrise
    Camel guide trekking to the camp
  • Night in a private Berber tent in the Sahara included dinners & breakfasts, Lunches

Itinerary 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga Sahara

After traversing the sand dunes, the camels will pick you up at the camp. You will halt for a beautiful sunset before continuing to our Merzouga Camp Africa. After that, you’ll have some tea. After the music is over, you can take a stroll around the camp to take in the stars. You will have dinner and spend the night at a camp in the Erg Chebbi desert that is furnished with music and drums.

Following breakfast at Merzouga Camp Africa, we will ride camels to visit bedouin communities. There, you will have lunch with a “Nomad,” and after some downtime, we will ride camels back to Merzouga Camp Africa. Once we get at the camp, we dismount the camels and go sandboarding. We will cross a wide area and proceed uphill, stopping to see a desert spring in the highlands before making our way back to camp at dusk.

Watch the dawn before having breakfast and taking a shower at the camp in the morning. In order to get to the hotel in Merzouga, we shall ride a camel. We now conclude your 2 nights of camel trekking in the Merzouga Sahara desert.

Important information Morocco camel trekking day tours

Camel trekking and a single night in Merzouga are included in the price:
Hotel At your hotel, pick up and drop off
a hotel room with a bathroom and a place to leave your luggage
Your car can park for nothing.
experienced camel tour guide
trekking camels (one camel each)
Visit the summit of the singing dunes to get a bird’s-eye perspective of the desert. Photo of Dune.
In the dunes, sandboarding
A night in the African Merzouga camp
lodging on a half-board basis (Dinner and Breakfast)
Berber drumming

Gallery 2 nights Morocco camel trek in Merzouga-Overnight camel trekking Merzouga

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Important Note: 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga Sahara - Morocco camel trekking Merzouga

NOTE 2 Night Cameleer Trek in Merzouga Sahara-Overnight Morocco Cameleer Trek: If you don’t have a format for what you’re searching for, get in touch with us and we can make adjustments for your Merzouga camel trek in Morocco based on your age and preferences. You are welcome to bring along your family, loved ones, friends, and everyone else. If you have any questions or would like information on the best events and places, please let us know. Our Tours Into Morocco team is available to help. We’re here to support you whether or not you’re thinking.

Small Groups of 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga desert Sahara Information

On a 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga Sahara desert, we are pleased to offer the option of traveling in a small group of up to 25 people.
You’ll enjoy the same social atmosphere as a typical MZG travel holiday – but with fewer travelers and a more exclusive touch.
Our range is available from Morocco, select tours in Morocco; Just look for the code on the holiday pages.

Make it Your Own
La Maison Berber, Arabe cooking class
Enjoy a Moroccan gastronomic experience – from £36 per person
Attend the world-famous cooking workshop at La Maison Berber, Arabe, where a professional chef will teach you how to prepare an authentic and delicious Moroccan dish. And then you’ll be feasting on your culinary creations with your fellow chefs.

How we will meet in Merzouga?

BUS temporal

  • Bus timing from Fes: There is a daily bus that leaves Fes around 20:00 and arrives at Merzouga around 05:00 in the morning. The bus is called (SUPRATOURS).

  • BUS time from Marrakech: There is a daily day bus leaving Marrakech around 8:00 in the morning and arriving in Merzouga around 20:00 at night. The bus is called (SUPRATOURS).

Information about a camel trekking at sunrise in Merzouga

The Sunrise Merzouga camel tour begins consistently and takes 30 minutes to arrive at the most noteworthy ridge of Erg Chebbi desert Merzouga. For this Morocco camel trip, it isn’t important to set the morning timer. Make the most of your night and. We are going to come around to wake you up.

Information about a camel trekking at Sunset tour in Merzouga

The nightfall overnight Merzouga camel trekking begins around 5 pm, It takes practically 30 minutes to arrive at the hills of Erg Chebbi on the head of a camel. At that point, we will leave the camels in around 80 meters to arrive at the most noteworthy hill of Erg Chebbi Merzouga. For the individuals who need to see an all-encompassing perspective that must move to the top, it will take them an additional 10 minutes. On the off chance that you incline toward not climbing the higher hills, the region around the camel tours ‘parking garage’ is flawless to watch the dusk. In the wake of having delighted in that brief timeframe, we ventured out back to town.

Sahara desert tours FAQ of 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga desert

The two most famous deserts to visit in Morocco are Zagora desert Erg Chgaga and Merzouga desert of Erg Chebbi [ 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga desert ]. Both are a piece of the Sahara Desert Morocco.

Whether by transport or vehicle, drive time from Marrakech to Merzouga desert in [ 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga desert ] will expect as long as 9 hr 47 min (563.8 km) via N9 and N10 (or around 350 miles). Zagora expects around 7 hr 59 min (350.6 km) via N9 of driving time.

The greatest months to go to Merzouga/Hassi Labiad are between October to February, when daytime temperatures settle to a more endurable normal of 80.6℉. However, don’t be tricked: Nightime temperatures will get you off guard, to a normal least of 59℉. [ 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga desert ]

The best season of day to wander into the desert is close to dawn and dusk. This is when conditions are perfect. In addition to the fact that it is calmer and the temperatures more lovely, yet dawn and nightfall additionally give the ideal setting to partaking in the moving shades of the sand under the sun. In [ 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga desert ]

As the fieriness of summer tops (June to September), a captivating and exceptional custom that Moroccans perform is to go into Erg Chebbi and become immediately covered neck-profound into the burning sands, with expectations of alleviation from rheumatic agony! Most travelers wouldn’t think about attempting something like this, particularly in the close deadly hotness! of [ 2 nights camel trek in Merzouga desert ]

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