A wonderful tours from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days through the Anti-Atlas begins with pickup from your accommodation in Agadir.

Itinerary of 4 days trip from Agadir to Sahara desert

Day 1: Agadir - Taroudant - Taliouine - Tazenakht - Agdz (359.0 km)

Breakfast pickup from your accommodation in Agadir.  As you travel from Agadir to Agdz via Taroudant, a renowned and historic town that resembles a small version of Marrakech, stop at some Berber settlements along the way. We’ll pay a quick visit to this quaint village to learn about the famed Agadir-area product known as argan oil. Visit Taliouine to discover more about the Berber inhabitants and saffron. The next destination is Tazenakht, which is renowned for its hospitable residents and vintage traditional handmade rugs. After that, enjoy a delectable lunch with Berber cuisine as you travel to Tazenakhet.

Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days

We continue to observe the magnificent scenery as we travel over the High Atlas road before arriving in Agdz, a little hamlet in the heart of southern Morocco. Discover the historic Amazigh structures with the ancient Kasbahs while admiring the Atlas Mountains. Visit the Jbel Kissane as well, which is renowned for having a Tajine dish form. Agdz, which means „place of rest“ in Berber, is a spot where you will spend the second night with friendly Berber people and delectable Berber cuisine. This appellation is well-deserved. Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days

Day 2: Agdz - Tazarine - Alnif - Rissani - Dune Erg Chebbi (298.6 km)

Have a sumptuous breakfast in your riad while taking in the sunrise that this location consistently provides. We are currently traveling through the High Atlas to see other locations. Tazarine, a tiny village in the Jbel Saghro area, is well-known for producing the film Hannah. Then take it through a huge natural area to Alnif. These are surrounded by dry mountains and are strewn with Paleozoic rocks that range in age from 245 to 570 million years ago. Many scientists are accustomed to searching for ancient rocks and fossils in this specific location. Before you get to the other town, take a brief of trip for a delectable lunch with the Berbers. Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days

The following stop will be Rissani „Tafilalt“, famous for the Moulay Ali Sheriff tomb, a stunning, tranquil, and historic location. An enclosed garden with numerous date palms that are loaded with dates and lovely tiles decorate it. It also serves as a direct entrance to the Moroccan desert. After arriving in Merzouga Dunne Erg Chebbi, take a camel ride to the desert to meet the camp staff and spend the night there listening to Sahrawi music while taking in the stunning sunset scenery. Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days

Day 3: Merzouga - Todgha Gorges - Valley of Roses - Ouarzazate (366.7 km)

Have a great breakfast and take in the morning as you ride a camel across the gorgeous desert after spending the night in Merzouga Dunne Eg Chebbi. We are currently traveling on the road to Arfoud once more, and it is truly remarkable. You can request that the driver take pictures as we travel by palm trees and stunning scenery. Discover the captivating surroundings of Todgha Gorge, a network of limestone river gorges in the eastern High Atlas. For those who enjoy hiking and climbing, it is a wonder of the natural world. A quick stroll through the Todgha and Dades gorges is a relaxing and comfortable experience because so many visitors appreciate the sound of the gorges and the large number of people there. Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days

Before leaving to meet the native Berber community that still maintains its traditional culture in the Valley of Roses, take in your lunch in a lovely, natural restaurant. After a little rest and a city 4 days trip from Agadir, the next stop will be Ouarzazate, where you will enjoy a great lunch. From there, you will be taken to the Atlas Film Studio, a Moroccan studio in Egyptian style. As a result, renowned film filmmakers choose it as the location for the filming of their incredible series and films, including Alexander the Great, Gladiator, and Game of Thrones. Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days

Day 4: Kasbah Ait Benhaddou - Taznakht - Taroudant - Agadir (357.6 km)

After spending the night in Ouarzazate, have a sumptuous breakfast in your hotel while taking in the sunrise that this location consistently provides. Take it to the Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou and stroll through it to enjoy the magnificent and well-known Kasbah. The Kasbah Ait Benhaddou is the most popular destination for tourists and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also well-known for its ancient history. It is a castle that has been integrated into a high place of the Atlas mountain that provides a panoramic view of the area and has served as a location for popular television shows and movies. Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days

By going through each door, you can learn about the kasbah’s history. we pick up where we left off and continue on the path to Agadir. Visit a cooperative of carpet makers in Tazenakhet to find an antique and unusual carpet and add it to your collection of priceless items. After that, take a break at Taroudant to enjoy a bite before continuing on the Anti-Atlas road and taking in the scenic views. Later on, go back to Agadir. End our services of 4 days trip from Agadir. Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days

What is included:
Private 4WD Toyota, minivan, or bus for the duration of the 4 days trip from Agadir to Merzouga including fuel
An experienced driver who speaks English (Guide)
Pickup and drop-off at the airport
Bed and breakfast accommodations
With a guide, spend the night in a nomad desert bivouac (private tent) and include dinner and breakfast.
Including sandboarding, camels, and guides
Free time to visit the sights, such as Ait Benhaddou, the Kasbah, walks, canyons, picture breaks, etc.

What is excluded:
Personal items and alcoholic drinks

Highlights of 4 days trips from Agadir to Merzouga:
Taking this 4-day desert journey from Agadir to the Erg Chebbi Dunes to have a truly unique desert experience
taking pictures of Taroudant’s still-standing city walls and going to the Berber rug-producing city of Taznakht
the primary saffron-growing region’s Talouine Saffron Museum.
looking into the UNESCO World Heritage At-Ben-Haddou’s Kasbah
among the numerous palm palms in Skoura, stopping at Kasbah Amredil
(If wanted) Buying Damascene rose items in the Rose Valley
shooting pictures while donning blue turbans during a camel ride at sunset on the Erg Chebbi Dunes
Around a fire camp, listen to and dance to Berber music in the evening
enjoying a tranquil stay in a camp in the desert 

Tour from Agadir to Zagora desert 4 days
Tour from Agadir 4 days
small group tour morocco tour de 2 días desde Marrakech a Merzouga 2 día tour de Marrakech 2 days tour from Marrakech to Merzouga
Tour from Agadir 4 days
Tour from Agadir 4 days
Tour from Agadir 4 days
Tour from Agadir 4 days

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A wonderful 4 days trip from Agadir to Zagora and Sahara through the Anti-Atlas begins with pickup from your accommodation in Agadir.

4 days trip from Agadir to Zagora and Sahara

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4 days trip from Agadir to Zagora and Sahara

After breakfast, depart from Agadir on the first day of 2 days Agadir trip to Zagora , passing through Saffron Taliouine and Taznakht, the center of the Berber carpet

4 days trip from Agadir to Zagora and Sahara

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