Merzouga Camp Africa offers you tranquility, luxury, and friendly Berber hospitality in the middle of the desert Merzouga Erg-Chebbi

10 Most Excellent Places To Enjoy Desert Merzouga Camp Africa, Merzouga Desert

2 nights camel trekking in Merzouga

What comes to mind when you hear the word Morocco, Merzouga, the Sahara? I am sure you automatically think of 5-star luxury real estate, Camel trek, tours into Morocco, overnight camel trips to Merzouga, Gnaoua music, sports cars. However, have you tried camping in the desert in Merzouga? Well, we have curated a list full of the most exclusive and secluded desert camping sites in Merzouga, for you to visit on your next trip to Merzouga.

Travel to the dunes of Erg Chebbi in the Merzouga desert

Moroccan legend says that the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi were sent by God as punishment for removing an exhausted traveler from the Moroccan Sahara. Moroccans believe that the sand dunes have built up outside of Merzouga to teach them a lesson so that they will never refuse to help weary travelers again.   

The Erg Chebbi sand dunes in Merzouga are undisputedly one of the greatest tourist attractions in Morocco. These gigantic hills with a fine sand line the Algerian border and everyone should see them.

Visit Erg Chebbi sand dunes of Merzouga

And overnight in the desert Merzouga Camp Africa on a special Morocco trip. Reptiles mostly live in the desert and can be spotted through their tracks. The night offers an opportunity to catch glimpses of jerboa, desert hedgehog, desert fox, or fennec. Desert vegetation is a bit rare because rainfall in this area is very short and uncommon. In the spring, if rain appears, pink flowers and purple statice can be found.  


The best thing is birds. Bird lovers will enjoy hunting for desert birds, Egyptian night birds, desert birds, babblers, and blue-cheeked bees. Also, pink flamingos and other waterfowl are sometimes spotted if spring brings rain and creates a small lake northwest of Merzouga. Merzouga Camp Africa

Whether you choose to go on camel rides

Or explore on foot with a Berber tour guide, you will have an equal opportunity to witness desert flora and fauna. Today, accessing the Erg Chebbi in Merzouga is a breeze compared to previous decades. There are several options for getting you there. The easiest way is to use a 4*4 Cruiser but for those who have time to explore the desert, camel trekking is also popular.  

The best way to travel is with a Driver and Travel Exploration guide that speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Berber. If you choose to do so, you will be in expert hands and have the opportunity to tour the dunes and the surrounding areas. When traveling on a camel in Morocco, you must allow at least one week. Merzouga Camp Africa

The weather in the Desert " Merzouga Camp Africa"is seasonal and sometimes quite calm

However, when sandstorms arrive with the winds, they make a very loud hissing sound that may surprise you. If you have long hair, it is recommended that it is fixed firmly from the back. During your desert travels, ask your guide to help you purchase one of the flowing turbans of the dark blue worn by the Tuaregs, the nomadic Bedouins who are the main inhabitants of the desert interior, and the Berber men in the desert. It keeps your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

If you are walking across sand dunes

Turn around and look back at the visible footprints you leave behind. Unless this is your first dune bashing, you will never see anything interesting in your life. If you are traveling with others, look ahead to see where they are, as they may look like ants from afar.
A journey through the dunes of Erg Chebbi is a surreal and mystical experience that will likely make you feel like you are in the middle of a Star Wars movie.

Glancing around from every angle

All he would be able to see was a sea of candy. The Erg Chebbi sand dunes extend to the Algerian border and offer one of the most authentic desert experiences. For a special Sahara experience with a Moroccan journey, local guide to exploring, head to Merzouga out of season during January and February – at this time, the desert will practically own yours. Stay away during the summer months as it is extremely hot and can be fatal for some.

Erg Chebbi Merzouga

The Dunes of Erg Chebbi are known for their height and large size. They can rise to a hundred and fifty meters in height in some places, twenty-two kilometers, and five kilometers.

The Dunes of Erg Chebbi are located at a distance of forty kilometers from Erfoud, near the town of Merzouga.  

2 days tour from Fes to Merzouga Sahara desert

Historically, access to the dunes was a hardship for Moroccans and other merchants passing through Erg Chebbi, as they took the desert caravan route to transport salt, gold, slaves, and spices to Timbuktu. To reach near the Erg Chebbi sand dunes, travelers had to pass through some of the most shallow and ancient areas imaginable. If they travel in the summer, the sun burns on their skin and clothes.

Gallory luxury desert Merzouga camp Africa

Merzouga thing to do => Merzouga Camp Africa Luxury & Tent Experience – Offered in Merzouga

A Tours Into Morocco Exclusive, Available only as Part of Your Private excursion

Our Sahara Merzouga Camp Africa is located southeast of Merzouga village. Tours Into Morocco’s Merzouga Camp Africa is located just an hour’s drive from Erfoud, in the heart of the magnificent desert dunes, far from the areas visited by tourists. The luxury camp consists of 1 large bedroom tent and a large restaurant tent. 

The bedroom tents provide comfort in a hotel room and can comfortably accommodate a king size bed, a spacious double bed, or three spacious single beds. En suite bathroom facilities include a hot shower, toilet, and sink. The restaurant tent has five tables, and traditional meals prepared by our chef are served by candlelight.

Merzouga Camp Africa

The private luxury Merzouga Camp Africa at Erg Chebbi in Merzouga will be the highlight of your Moroccan experience. What could be more than a night under the stars after a sunset camel ride and dinner by the campfire while a local folkloric band is having fun? Our scattered camp is much more private and clannish than the larger group camps in Erg Chebbi.

Running water is available, and electricity is provided by a small generator installed some distance from the camp. The camp is completely covered with Berber colorful carpets and pillows. Reaching our camp via a short camel ride. A special welcome is organized for our guests with welcome drinks and a local folk band.

Our luxury camp is a perilous adventure not to be missed if you want to get the right feel for the nomadic and Moroccan countryside!

Included: Merzouga Camp Africa

Camel safari excursions, camel trekking with a local guide, overnight stay in a luxury tent, 1001 barbarian nights three course dinner with drinks and breakfast at sunrise, and Berber – Moroccan music.
Welcome with Moroccan mint tea, dates, and almonds
Fire – Different Musical Groups
Dinner under a large Berber tent
Barbarian soups
Roast (roast beef) or tagine


Camps are not ostentatious. Merzouga Camp Africa Luxury to us means taking care of your immediate needs: providing a good night’s sleep; Make sure to have a cold drink on a hot day, great food, and be sure to enjoy an authentic desert experience.

Many people like to relax in the desert. We provide you with many relaxation areas where you can read your book, play a game or just daydream while relaxing in a hammock. If you are concerned, there are a lot of activities, you can find some of them in detail on our activities page.

Our aim is not to replicate the 5-star hotel experience in town. We believe the level of luxury we offer is environmentally friendly. It is after all a desert experience, an adventure, and not just another luxury experience in a different city!

Our most popular excursion is the 4-day return trip from Marrakech with 1 night in a guest house en route, 2 nights at the campsite Merzouga Camp Africa, and back to Marrakech in one day. If you have more time available, the 5-day trip with 3 nights in the camp is popular, and for those with less time, the 3-day return trip with 2 nights in the campground.

There is now increased interest in our 5-day trip from Marrakesh to Fez (or vice versa) including 2 nights in the desert. One of the unique aspects of this trip is the fact that the road north of the Todra Gorge is really off the beaten track, and showcases some of the best countrysides in Morocco.

Questions and answered about Merzouga Camp Africa

We might be desert connoisseurs, but we also know a lot about other parts of Morocco too! So we can organize trips that not only include accommodation in Marrakech but also trip to other parts of Morocco as well. The site has package templates of the best of Morocco. But these are just templates and we can customize your trip according to your desires. Merzouga Camp Africa

Questions and answered about Merzouga Camp Africa

Any journey in 4*4 leaves an environmental footprint. We have a responsibility to balance this by making sure we do our part for the environment. So:

Electricity is provided by solar energy only.

There is no air conditioner. Other than the fact that we believe environmental isolation detracts from the authenticity of the experience, its operation is fuel-hungry and noisy.

Each tent has an en suite bathroom with a wash bucket. While we offer an ample amount of hot and cold water, washing the bucket uses a small portion of the shower water which is a rich and unforgettable experience!

Send an email to [email protected], and we’ll reply as quickly as possible, and certainly within 1 hour. It depends where I am! Please note that we are not associated with any internet booking agencies, such as, Expedia, etc.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In the event that you are a resident of the (including USA, Canada, UK, European, Australian, New Zealand), do not need to obtain a visa to enter Morocco as long as your stay is for less than 3 months. Other nationalities should check with their local consulate or you may allude to the accompanying site which is for the General Moroccan Consulate in New York.

You are liable for guaranteeing that you have a substantial global identification with at least 6 (six) months of legitimacy. It is the sole obligation of the visiting member to guarantee that all identification and visa prerequisites are met before the flight.

Truly, it is sheltered, Morocco is the exemplification of probably the most secure nation on the planet, because of the mix of the nation where the crime percentage is low and its legislature that is consistently proactive in ensuring their visitors and local people.

Travel protection ought to be acquired before leaving your nation of the beginning. We never power anybody to buy it, in any case. Neighborhood medical clinics have restricted demonstrative ability. Outside centers can be costly, departure can cost thousands, baggage can vanish, so protection is a smart thought.

Morocco Currency

The Moroccan money called the “DIRHAM”. Rates fluctuate little between banks however a few banks charge an expense for cash trades which can signify an extensive total with the littler categories Major Mastercards are acknowledged in the bigger inns and every single huge shop. ATM cards can be utilized in numerous urban communities even in the south. Voyager’s checks are not broadly acknowledged in Morocco and they can be hard to money or trade. In any case, just for a restricted sum. Utilize a cash belt for all your significant papers, checks, visa, and Mastercards.

Indeed. While the food when all is said in done and city water supplies in Morocco are entirely protected, one never knows how your body’s “framework will respond to new and uncommon nourishments or diverse water supplies. Along these lines, it is consistently savvy to keep with you a “stomach cure, for example, Pepto-Bismol, Imodium AD, and so forth consistently.

Moroccan Food

In a word, delícious. Servings of mixed greens are flawless: new, delicious vegetables presented with light vinaigrette as an afterthought. Harira is the Moroccan word for a thick vegetable soup. An especially heavenly one contains a bread dumpling. Principle courses are typically one of the accompanyings: barbecued meat on sticks regularly presented with French fries; couscous, either vegan or meat with vegetables; and Tagine, the Moroccan stew, normally meat, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and flavors. Moroccan cooks utilize a mélange of flavors, for example, cumin, turmeric, paprika, saffron, and pepper for unobtrusively enhanced food. 

In the Sahara, you can discover Berber pizza. This is a twofold crusted pie loaded up with meat, hard-bubbled eggs, almonds, and flavors. In some cases rather peppery, Berber pizza is best eaten with glass after glass of hot, sweet, mint tea. Each seaport has newly gotten fish arranged by the anglers on or close to the wharves. Try not to miss this treat! The new organic product is served for dessert; pomegranates melons, bananas, apples, oranges, and dates all delivered in Morocco and all overflowing with flavor. One progressing advantage of the French occupation is the new loaves accessible almost all over the place. Baked goods both French and Moroccan are accessible in the numerous pastry shops.

Women travelling

The Hollywood dream of the throaty murmur of “Come wiz me to the Kasbah” is only that a dream. Similarly, as in the west, an individual’s aura passes on a message. Deliberate, certain conduct will in general debilitate undesirable remarks. Some young ladies who were voyaging alone, riding the transport and having a financial plan of just a couple of dollars for each day for lodging, said that the badgering comprises of needing to visit her up, giving her such protests as revealing to her how mary camels she is worth or commenting on her excellence. It was less information exchanged, however the way that the western ladies couldn’t have a second’s tranquility. At the point when one individual halted, another before long had his spot. As per these ladies, the best approach to dodge unwanted interruptions on transports, and so forth is to sit with some more seasoned ladies.

Day time temperatures can be very warm. You will require an agreeable, free, cool dress. Nights can be cool. Bring a coat or lightweight concealment. Most lodgings will have cooling, yet not all. Desert temperatures vacillate in the sun, yet you should be secured to forestall burn from the sun. On the off chance that you are resting in a tent, we will give additional covers. Bring shades and head covering. Sunscreen might be bought once you show up. Bring agreeable shoes for strolling. Moroccans humility esteem. If it’s not too much trouble regard the way of life and doesn’t wear garments that uncovered a great deal of skin. Long sleeves and long jeans We will visit both of the verifiable mosques that permit guests.

Morocco Tip

It is custom to tip for good help in Morocco, as you would at home. The travel industry is a key column in Morocco’s economy, and numerous individuals rely upon tips to enhance their wages, yet you ought not to feel constrained to tip anybody on the off chance that you are not happy with the administration you have gotten.

Drivers can not legitimately go about as a guide in urban communities. Marrakech and Fes and so on where we recruit in nearby authorized City Guides by the Ministry of Tourism for strolling visits. There is a visit between Marrakech and Fes. In the desert, we employ in a neighborhood Camel Guide who realizes best what to look like after camels and the methods of the desert. When there is a free day in Marrakech or somewhere else, we don’t ensure a similar driver after the break. So also, we don’t ensure a similar driver for air terminal exchanges. Wearing safety belts is mandatory in Morocco and for your wellbeing, you should utilize them. In the event that you decide not to wear them, and the police stop the vehicle. You will be approached to pay the fine in reasonableness to the driver.


  • It is the Clients’ duty to guarantee that he and the individuals from his Party don’t have such that makes injury or threat others or which dangers harm to the property having a place with others. In such conditions all providers eg. inn chiefs) and the Company reserve the privilege to end game plans made for the Clients’ sake, in which case the Company’s duty to the Client stops right away. Subsequently, the Company won’t be subject to any discounts, installment of pay, or repayments of any expense or costs acquired accordingly. Further, the Client will be at risk to repay the Company for any costs at all that it acquires because of such conduct.


PCs and gadgets from the USA or Europe will for the most part be working in Morocco, assuming control over the job of an electric attachment connector.

Web bistros are generally well known in Morocco, making it simple for guests to get to the web. Web Café by and large open early and close late, and normally charge around 3-5 Dirhams for every hour. Numerous lodgings additionally offer remote access.



So as to begin the booking procedure, Tours Into Morocco requires a store of 30% of the aggregate sum. When we have gotten this store, we will get it. The rest of the parity can be paid to your lodging/Riad/air terminal.

We acknowledge installment by the bank move. We will furnish you with the data you have to make sure about your booking. In the event that you pick the bank move installment technique, it would be ideal if you note that you will be sent a duplicate of the exchange receipt.

Payment Methods
Tours Into Morocco

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